The Hobbit Essay Examples and Topics

  • The Lighter Side of Adventure: Humor in 'The Hobbit' (Essay Sample)

    Humor is the device used in literature that has an amusing or comic effect, used by authors to communicate various pieces of information. Humor is used in writing to make it exciting and drive different points home that the author has. In this case, there are various ways through which Tolkien uses ...

    3 pages
    605 words
  • The Hobbit: Characters in Tolkien's Tale and Their Human Traits

    Bilbo, Gandalf, and Thorin are characters in the novel "The Hobbit." The Hobbit by Tolkien expresses an imaginary adventure where Bilbao, Gandalf, a wizard, and other dwarves join to reclaim a territory guarded by the dragon, Smaug, in the lonely mountain. The adventure begins when Bilbao meets Gand...

    3 pages
    618 words

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